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Diego & Jeffrey

Diego & Jeffrey

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Diego is one of those guys with the total package — hot body, cute face, big dick, and very intelligent. In my experience, there are a lot of South American men like him — sizzling sex drive, wild on the inside, but the conservative culture keeps them socially reserved. It was almost a year after originally meeting Diego that I was able to get him to try his first male blow job. I knew he'd enjoy it, but like most of the straight guys we work with there are a lot of bullshit social taboos we had to work through.

After giving Ross the fucking of his life, Jeffrey was excited to service more hot, straight men. I had shown him a picture of Diego and it was virtually love at first sight. In addition to being a great top, Jeffrey is an expert cock sucker and he couldn't wait to wrap his warm mouth around Diego's big, uncut dick...

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