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Curtis & Patrick

Curtis & Patrick

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Patrick told me recently that he thinks he might be bisexual. I was surprised because he's always been such a straight shooter and he's always asking about doing films with girls. When I asked him why he thought he was bisexual, he grinned and said, "because I like checking myself out naked in the mirror." I laughed and told him that was narcissism, not bisexuality!

Curtis is conservative and kind of uptight. He's straight and was only wanting to do solo stuff at first. He's got a really nice dick though and I wanted to get it sucked! It took some talking, but he agreed...

Patrick had been curious about sucking cock, and claimed he'd never done it — although for a first timer he sure is good at it, so I'm not sure if I believe him. After breaking the ice by working on Curtis' nipples, Patrick goes to town on Curtis' manhood and doesn't let up!

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