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Kenny & Bradley

Kenny & Bradley

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After Bradley’s blow job, he was excited to do more work but was not keen on the idea of anal sex with a guy. He kept asking me about working with girls and said he didn't think there was any amount of money that would get him to do gay sex. From a prior conversation, though, I knew that none of Bradley's ex-girlfriends had let him fuck them up the back door and that he was really curious about it. I always like to tell the guys "a hole is a hole" and let them think about it. As with a lot of our young, horny college guys, Bradley called three weeks later to see if my offer was still open.

I knew right away that Kenny would be the perfect fit for Bradley. They're both young and really cute and I couldn't wait to see Kenny get his tight, hairy hole fucked.

I wasn't sure how things were going to go because getting two straight guys to fuck sometimes just doesn't work. But not with these two... Bradley fucked the shit out of Kenny — hard — and from every position he could imagine.

What I really love about this video is the fact that Kenny's pubes were completely untrimmed and that the hair in his ass crack and on his legs got wetter and wetter with lube as the two of them fucked. I love it when guys make a hot nasty mess!

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