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Tucker is sweet, gentle, and just an all-around “boy next door” type. Once he dropped his clothes, I loved what I saw. Tucker has a lean, yet muscular, body that’s refined, tanned, and chiseled.

The biggest surprise to me was just how kinky this boy is! Apparently, women’s feet drive him crazy. For the straight guys, we sometimes have girlie porn on a television off to the side in order to get them "going." Unfortunately, none of the movies I had were to Tucker's liking — so I ran out to a local porn store and bought a foot fetish movie (which is another story in itself). He grinned when I gave him the DVD, and instantly got hard as he watched the ladies’ feet in action.

But the kink didn’t stop there. This wild boy is into ice cubes and ball slapping. He also has a way of spanking his (very nice) monkey that I’ve never seen before.

In the end, he shot his load twice and went home with his new favorite DVD.

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