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Andrew is a very personable guy with a super hot body. He's young, tanned, and muscular. He has an interesting tattoo across his abdomen that he got in order to conceal a light scar from a surgery he had as a kid.

He's also a total sex machine and a charmer as well. He was visiting for a few days in order to do some work with us and I had to keep him on a short leash because he was constantly trying to pick up every cute girl he saw. Actually, he wasn't trying — he was succeeding. We went out to dinner the first night he was here and I watched as he worked his magic on the waitress. Before the end of the meal, he had her number and was making arrangements for a hotel rendezvous later that night.

Andrew told me that he normally cums three to five times a day. And if there's one thing this boy isn't short on it's cum. In this film he shoots THREE huge loads!

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