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Bailey is totally comfortable with his sexuality. He digs the ladies, but swears he’s never had any guy-on-guy action before. He’s the textbook definition of an exhibitionist. He doesn’t care what sex you are — just as long as he can show off his beautiful body for you. He does have a few gay friends and thankfully one is a fan of the site and referred him to work with me. When I first saw his pictures, I thought he was too good to be true. I had him fly out that same week so I could see what he looked like in person. What a body this guy has! He's totally ripped and he has the most adorable face I've seen in a long time.

Bailey is only 18 and he’s done some traditional modeling before, but never any nude work. He was intent on making sure he made a good movie for his boys back home. They had told him what us gay guys like so he was definitely prepared.

I’ve come across a lot of wild guys in my time, but Bailey has to be one of the wildest! He loves the lube and greased up his naturally smooth, muscular body while rubbing his hot cock. His buds back home must have given him some pretty good advice. He really showed off his ass for the camera and on his second day of shooting, while watching a straight porno, he agreed to use a toy on himself. As the girl in the video fucked herself, he duplicated her actions as he thrusted a dildo up his tight ass in the shower. He literally copied everything the girl did in the porno he was watching!

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