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Gyms are one of my favorite places to pick up on straight guys. I swear I have memberships all over town!

One day, while working out at one my gyms, I ran into Marcus in the locker room. I had never seen him before, so I said hello. Hot straight jocks love to talk about their workout routines, so I struck up a conversation with him about protein shakes as he was changing into his workout clothes.

As he changed, it was really hard to keep my eyes from wandering up and down his body. He has washboard abs, strawberry blond hair and a naturally smooth body. And, unlike most straight boys these days, he doesn't shave off all of his pubes (and yes, the carpet matches the drapes).

After he left to work out, I tossed a note into his locker. After seeing him a few more times at the gym I had him in my studio rubbing one off!

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