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Tony & Zachary

Tony & Zachary

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I was introduced to Zachary a little over a year ago when he was dating a friend of mine. A few months later I was watching a porno from one of the big studios and I couldn’t figure out why this hot guy in it looked so familiar. Then, I ran into Zachary a few weeks ago and remembered the porno, and put the two together. It surprised me as Zachary is a conventional professional in real life and I would have never guessed that he had done adult work. He mentioned that he was a big fan and that he would love to work with one of my straight models.

I knew Tony was going to be hesitant about being with a guy. Straight guys can be very closed minded and they're always afraid of what their friends will say. At first, he said no — so I had him meet Zachary to show him that he's a nice guy. The two of them felt comfortable with each other, and so it was a go.

Zachary was really excited to do the shoot. He told me beforehand that Tony, with his boyish face and manly body, was definitely his type. Of course, Tony was very nervous at first. But, he slowly relaxed as Zachary oiled up his body, making sure not to miss a single spot. Then he gave Tony the best blow job of his life!

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