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Graham & Kenny

Graham & Kenny

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Graham is a lot of fun to work with. He's very full of energy and he loves to try new things. After his last shoot, I was talking to him about getting his dick sucked by another guy. He said he was up for it, but I told him I also wanted him to try something else — getting rimmed. Now, of course he had no idea what that meant, and I could tell by the expression on his face as I explained it to him that it was something he had never even dreamed of.

Kenny has become quite adventurous in the sex department recently as well. He had never eaten another guy's ass out, but he had met Graham before and seemed almost excited about the idea!

I wasn't sure how well Kenny was going to do — but it was Graham who was the big surprise. At first, he reluctantly spread his legs to reveal his hole, but as Kenny started working him over (quite expertly, I might add), he liked it more and more! He told me afterward that he thought having his ass eaten was actually better than the blow job itself!

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