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I really admire Stew’s dedication to surfing. He works a normal forty-hour-a-week job and somehow manages to wake up early enough to hit the waves prior to heading to work. Personally, there are really only two things that can get me up that early in the morning — 1) coffee and/or 2) a hot man in my bed... and a hot man bringing me coffee in bed, well...

Now, one of my girlfriends met Stew at the mall where he was making some extra money modeling boxer shorts for one of those national clothing stores. It’s amazing what retail stores will do these days to attract customers!

She gave him a card and when he called her, he wasn’t embarrassed at all when she asked him if he would get naked for us. In general, they are either really quick to get off the phone when asked about getting paid to rub one off, or they're totally down for it. Stew was totally down for it!

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