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TJ & Carter

TJ & Carter

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Sometimes straight guys really surprise me.

After TJ’s first video, I asked him about the idea of going a little further and getting blown by another guy. He agreed, but let me know right away what his boundaries were — he would lay back and enjoy a nice blow job, but he didn't want to reciprocate.

Carter loved the idea of servicing a hot straight boy and the fact that TJ is in the military made it that much more appealing.

Before we started shooting, I pulled Carter aside and told him that I wanted him to really take control and give TJ the best blow job of his life. As the two of them got naked, Carter went straight for TJ's butt and started pulling his ass cheeks apart so he could play with TJ's hole. TJ really seemed to enjoy it and Carter's cock was rock hard right away.

As the video progressed, I was shocked when Carter's cock got perilously close to TJ's mouth. And I was even more surprised when Carter gently took TJ's hand and placed it on his own throbbing cock. I honestly thought TJ might punch him, but instead he started to stroke Carter as he got closer and closer to shooting his load!

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