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Parker Drills Patrick

Parker Drills Patrick

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After seeing Parker squirm and moan as he got his ass eaten by Patrick, I was really excited for Parker to take the next step. Unfortunately, he had to go out of town for a week, so I had to wait in anticipation. Would Parker change his mind? Would Patrick get hurt while surfing? With straight boys, you never know...

Fortunately, it wasn't long before I had these two hotties in my studio and the fun began! Parker had his cool straight guy attitude, saying “What’s up buddy?” as he saw Patrick for the second time, and Patrick reaching out and giving Parker the whole “tough guy handshake”.

I started the film by having the two of them make out, which was fucking hot! They totally got into it more and more as they kissed. By the time their clothes hit the floor, they were completely ready to fuck. Parker got Patrick into a position he likes to use with the girls, and then inserted his hot cock into Patrick’s tight ass. Parker made an awesome top — right from the beginning he took control and gave Patrick the fucking he deserved!

After they both came, they kissed a little bit more. As the heavy breathing subsided, I thought to myself — now that was worth the wait!

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