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Recently, I was out of town hanging out with a buddy of mine. Miguel was a friend of his whom I met at the local gay bar. When I first met him, I noticed how handsome his face is — and when I meet a cute guy I always wonder what he looks like naked!

During the evening, he kept talking about all his favorite models, and how much he loved my site. I honestly wasn’t that shocked when Miguel whispered to me that he wanted to "work" with one of my guys.

Prior to returning home, I set up a meeting with Miguel. He got naked for me and I liked what I saw! He sports a hot uncut cock and he loves showing off his slender, smooth body.

A few weeks later, I had him out to shoot his load for me. After just a few strokes, he started to pre-cum and that’s when the fun started. He teased his hole for me, first with one finger and then with another. Then, at the end... well, let's just say Miguel is a shooter!

He wants to get fucked by one of my straight boys — and I’m going to do my best to make that happen!

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