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Blake & Kenny

Blake & Kenny

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Blake had taken some time off work and had been studying abroad for a while. He had a two week break from his course work and wanted to do another shoot with us, so he dropped me a line. After he had blown Jaden I was interested in having him back for more. I've always had this thing for intellectual guys who have hot bodies. Blake definitely fits that bill — he's kind of a bookworm, but he has a tight, lean body and a hot little ass that was made to be fucked!

Blake loves to bottom, he loves big cocks, and he loves tall, dark-haired men. In that respect, Kenny was made to order — Blake had seen all of Kenny’s films and was totally up for it.

Prior to shooting the video, I took them both out to brunch at one of my favorite breakfast joints. I thought it would be fun to hang out and break the ice a little. After a cup of coffee or two, both of them were laughing and really enjoying themselves. Kenny was looking better than ever, and I could tell that Blake was anxious to get into his pants.

Once I got them naked at my studio, they started to slowly make out and things got hotter and hotter. I really didn’t have to give Blake any pointers — that boy really knows how to ride a cock!

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