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I could easily say that I hate shopping, and shopping at the mall on a weekend is even worse. Sometimes you have to fight for a parking space and brave the mobs of people in order to get what you’re looking for. This particular time, I wasn’t shopping for clothes but for some hot guys for my site. Warren was getting off the escalator when I spotted him. He was sporting a tank top and work out pants that showed off his nice muscles. Accompanying him was this girl that had big boobs, big hair, a tiny skirt, and high heels. I wasn’t surprised to see that she already had a collection of bags from a number of different stores. Warren didn’t have one bag on him, but he sure looked like he was enjoying being seen with this hot girl.

It’s always odd approaching a guy that’s with his girlfriend. The girl always thinks I'm hitting on her man and this girl was particularly bitchy. Undaunted, I chatted up Warren and quickly got his number.

I called him later that afternoon and found out that he was recently divorced and needed all the money he could make. So, I had him out a few days later to do a shoot with me...

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