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Bradley & Braden

Bradley & Braden

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I hadn't seen Bradley in a while because he had been busy with school and a full-time girlfriend. Recently I sent him an e-mail to see how he was doing and his response back was quite surprising.

Apparently his girlfriend and a few of his male friends had come across his movies on the site. His girlfriend wasn't happy about it at all and made him promise not to do any more. His friends gave him a hard time about it but when they found out how much money Bradley had made they were all interested in getting in on the action as well.

Long story short, Bradley was itching to get his cock up another warm, tight asshole — apparently he's come to enjoy anal sex and his girlfriend isn't "receptive" to the idea! He told me he was excited about coming out for more and even wanted to refer a few of his buddies. So, he made up some story for his girlfriend (I didn't even ask) and was out later that week.

Braden had done a couple of movies for me and had proven himself to be a great power bottom. When I paired him up with Bradley I could tell it was love at first sight!

There was one thing about Braden I didn't notice while were filming. It wasn't until I looked at the footage afterward that I saw Braden's eyes rolling back into his head a lot. One thing about bottoms is that if you hit all the right spots they will actually go into their own little world of pleasure. I asked Braden about it a few days later and apparently I hit the nail on the head on that one!

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