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Parker & TJ

Parker & TJ

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Parker has an amazing dick — and today TJ is the lucky recipient!

This was a fun film to make. In fact, any film with Parker is a fun film to make! I love watching his hairy, muscular, bubble butt bob up and down as he pounds some stud's ass.

I wasn't sure how TJ was going to take his first fucking. He told me he'd never been fucked before, and I believed him. Fortunately, Parker has a personality that can put even the most nervous at ease and after a little making out he had his beautiful cock up TJ's ass.

After a few minutes of getting fucked, TJ started to feel like he needed to cum. Now, I know that TJ is multi-orgasmic and that he recharges pretty quickly. So, I gave him the nod to let it rip and he dumped his first big load all over his stomach while getting fucked. Nice!

True to form, a few minutes later TJ was ready to go again, having never lost his hard-on. With his first load out of the way and his anal muscles nice and relaxed, TJ got fucked a second time and then delivered another nice big load!

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