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Ivan is an east-coast boy who just turned 18. He is one of those guys who always wanted to show off his body on film. So when I approached him about it, he jumped at the chance.

He's got a girlfriend and the two of them are apparently pretty serious. He's talked his girlfriend into doing a movie with him and he asked me if I would be interested. He showed me a picture of her and she's very pretty, but working with girls really isn't my thing. But Ivan's got a great dick and it would be fun to see him use it, so we'll see.

An interesting note is that in the video I ask him about his shaved pubic hair. I personally hate it when guys shave their pubes, but it seems to be the "in" thing with young straight guys these days. I will occasionally conduct a poll about why they do it and inevitably I get the same answer: it's because they think the girls won't go down on them if they have a bush.

I wish there was a way I could get a message to all the straight guys in the world: 1) stop shaving your pubes, and 2) if you want a good blow job get a guy to do it!

Kidding aside, Ivan has a killer cock and balls and a nice lean muscular frame. Definitely Grade A!

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