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Blowing Grant

Blowing Grant

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Grant and Brett have been two of my favorite models. Grant looks like a beefier version of Patrick Dempsey, with an amazing low-hanging package. As I've mentioned before, Brett has just the body type I like — pale, lean, and hairy.

Now, I've seen Brett's skills at giving head — he really knows how to work a cock. Grant is totally straight, but we had several conversations about him doing a little bit more. Like most straight guys, his main concern was that he just wouldn't be able to do it. The secret was in making him feel comfortable, so he can just relax and enjoy a skilled mouth working him over.

Brett absolutely loved Grant's hairy asscrack and his beautiful nuts (he said they felt like velvet in his mouth). The two of them started out with a back rub and then a full-on, oiled-up massage. Then Brett took Grant's cock into his mouth and off it went from there...

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