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Dale & Spence

Dale & Spence

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Dale had visited me a while ago when he did a film with Blake. I remembered him fondly because I love pale guys with dark hair, and Dale is such a cutie. After his visit, he'd gotten busy and we had e-mailed back and forth but were never quite able to hook up again.

Then, I met Spence. I knew that Spence would be right up Dale's alley, so I sent Dale a picture of him. Dale's response was quick and excited, and he lost no time in getting his cute little ass on a plane!

Spence has grown into the whole man-on-man sex thing and has actually become quite an aggressive top. Needless to say, Dale's trip was definitely worth it as he got fucked hard and enjoyed every minute of it. The thing I loved about making this movie was how nice their different skin tones played against other — Dale's pale skin against Spence's olive skin — hot!

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