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Ajay is 25 years old and works part time as a waiter in an upscale restaurant and part time as a model. He likes to keep his time free because he's also a "gym rat" who loves to spend hours and hours in the gym building and toning his incredible body.

The first thing you notice about Ajay after he takes his clothes off is his abs — not one ounce of body fat there! The second thing you notice is his fat cock which is big soft and only gets bigger as he strokes it.

Now the great thing about Ajay is how comfortable he is with himself. He's openly into guys and like me he comes from a conservative background but has found his own place in life. He does his own thing and doesn't worry about what other people think and I find that to be the sexiest thing about him!

We spent a little more time on the outdoors stuff on this video. The lighting was just perfect and I wanted to do something a little artsy with the waves behind him. We thought we had found a secluded spot (about as secluded as you can get in southern California) , but we had a problem with these two thirtysomething women who kept "wandering" by to check things out and were just full of questions. I think they were hoping Ajay was going to "drop trou". Yes, filming is always an adventure!

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