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Ajay & Sebastien

Ajay & Sebastien

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When I first met Ajay, he told me he was mostly a top. He loves young, lean, smooth guys who are smaller than he is. He really loves being aggressive in bed and really taking control with that big dick of his.

After Sebastien did his first video, he told me that he was interested in getting a blow job, but probably nothing more. Sebastien has the ass of a Greek god and not getting it fucked was simply not an option! After some lengthy discourse, he finally agreed to dive into the deep end (so to speak) and get fucked.

We started out the shoot by having Ajay rim Sebastien. You can tell in the video that Ajay loved every minute of it, and surprisingly so did Sebastien.

The fucking part was a little rough going at first. Sebastien's ass was really tight and he kept clenching down on Ajay's cock. Fortunately, Ajay was very patient with him and after Sebastien's ass loosened up a little bit he really started to like the fucking he was getting — so much so, in fact, that by the end he had worn out Ajay!

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