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Sebastien & Dayton

Sebastien & Dayton

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When a guy gets fucked on camera for the first time, you never know if he's going to be up for more. Some say no, while others think it's great. I wasn't sure which category Sebastien was going to be in, especially after having Ajay's big cock pop his cherry.

Well, he called me about a week after doing his film with Ajay and said he wanted to do more. Cool!

As I've said before, Dayton is a great top because the length and shape of his cock really allows him to go deep. It's interesting to watch him fuck, because the bottom usually uses his hands to keep Dayton from going in too far. But then, after everything "loosens up" the bottom really enjoys himself and two of them go to town.

That's what happened with Sebastien and Dayton. After loosening Sebastien's hole with his tongue and fingers, Dayton fucked the shit out him!

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