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God, I love guys with body hair! It's such a rare commodity these days (especially with the younger crowd) that when a guy comes along with some beautiful fuzz I get really, really happy.

Hugh is 20, lean, dark, and cute. He's got furry arms, legs, and a very nice chest. Add to that a contagious smile and killer blue eyes and you've got one helluva cute guy!

I also like that Hugh knows exactly how to get himself off. He likes to lightly rub his perineum just before and during ejaculation.

I always like to include two cum shots when I film a guy. I like to be able to see it at different angles and in different positions. Now, sometimes the cum shots happen in the same day, and sometimes they don't. Hugh told me beforehand that he only needed about ten minutes to recharge, so after his first orgasm he headed to the shower where he got off again!

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