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Ajay & Samuel

Ajay & Samuel

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Ajay and Samuel hit it off immediately. We had gone out to lunch prior to the shoot and the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was obvious that these boys wanted to fuck.

Unfortunately, when we got back we discovered that the city had picked that day to tear up the street in front of our studio, so we had to do some quick planning because the noise was deafening. So, we rented a hotel room downtown and went there to set up. When we arrived we discovered the city was working on the streets there as well (ever have one of those days?).

We went back to the studio and fortunately the crews had left. I guess I should have known that city workers would be quitting at around 3 pm!

Anyway, all of these delays proved to be quite frustrating for the guys, so when we finally got started they were all over each other. The hard dicks came out and the fucking began...

Ajay likes to refer to his abs as his "cum gutters". He loves cum on his stomach because it runs into the grooves between his incredible abdominal muscles. Let's just say his gutters were full on this one!

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