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Tanner & Ajay

Tanner & Ajay

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I knew right away that Ajay would go nuts over Tanner. He likes guys who are smooth, young, and trim and Tanner definitely fits that bill.

It was really hot watching the two of them fuck. Ajay topped Tanner and I could tell that Tanner was loving every minute of it. He was grasping the sheets, arching his back, and rolling his eyes back into his head — all the things bottoms do when they go into their "zone."

Ajay is versatile and he loves to get fucked just as much as he loves to fuck. We hadn't planned on doing a flip-flop, as Tanner is mostly a bottom. But as the guys were getting closer to their orgasms, Ajay stopped and said he wanted to get fucked. So, they traded off and Tanner fucked Ajay's hole for a bit before they both exploded!

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