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It was an interesting experience interviewing Morgan. His answers were short and he has this thing where he'll answer your question a few seconds before you finish asking it. He's very shy and getting him out of his shell was a bit of a challenge. But cracking some jokes eventually got a smile on his face and him comfortable enough to reveal his beautiful body.

He's kind of small in frame, but he's got a really nice big dick. What is it with the small guys and the big dicks, anyway?

He's pretty cut up and what's most remarkable is the vertical canyon he's got going up the center of his abdominals. I don't think I've ever seen one that deep before. I asked him if the girls like to play with it and he immediately beamed with pride.

He's normally kind of pale and wanted to make a good first impression. So before coming out he went to the tanning salon and overdid it a little. So, his cute little bum is a bit red but fortunately he wasn't shy about showing it off!

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