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Ajay & Boyd

Ajay & Boyd

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Boyd was so amazingly hot with Gavin that I couldn't wait to get him with superstud Ajay. The plan was that Boyd would fuck Ajay as thoroughly as he fucked Gavin.

However, I was feeling a little devious that day and wondered if we could experiment a little. So, I took Ajay aside and asked him to play with Boyd's asshole while he blew him. Ajay loved the challenge and couldn't wait to get a couple of fingers up there.

So when the time came, Ajay started out slowly, exposing Boyd's perfect tight hole. Then one finger went in, then two. Boyd had that look on his face that was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Ajay told me afterward that Boyd's hole was really tight, so we'll see what happens there!

Next came the main event and Boyd slid his rock-hard cock into Ajay's ass and went to town. I love how much energy and passion Boyd puts into fucking, and I love the fact that he gets all sweaty when he does it. He really wore Ajay out, which is a hard thing to do!

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