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Gavin & Ajay

Gavin & Ajay

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Gavin and Ajay immediately clicked. Gavin had seen Ajay on the site and had been asking for a while about riding his big cock. The schedules never quite aligned until now.

We generally have a bit of setting up to do before a shoot, and sometimes the models use that time to shoot the shit and get to know each other. Gavin and Ajay spent that time sitting on the sofa, close together, under a blanket (with only their heads sticking out). I could see hands moving all over under the blanket, so I knew this was going to be a good shoot!

Once we got started, Gavin (who is nothing if not blunt) told us he wanted to forego the chit-chat and get right into Ajay's pants. It's funny because you never know how two models are going to react to each other and this time the lust was thick in the air.

We have a saying around here that when a model gets fucked by Ajay he's been "Ajayed". We say that because Ajay's cock is pretty damn big and anyone who can take it deserves a special moniker! Gavin loved licking Ajay's muscles, and sucking his cock, and finally, getting "Ajayed"...

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