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If you are into hairy armpits or legs, or big dicks, or Italian men, then this week's guy is going to be a real treat!

Nico is 26 years old, 100% Italian, and a native New Yorker. He's got a muscular build with beautiful hairy armpits and a nice, big cock. He says his dick is 7.5 inches, but as I told him, it's got to be at least 8.

He's got a Puerto Rican girlfriend and he told me that she has a hot temper and they fight a lot, but she's beautiful and the sex is wild so he's smitten.

Nico had never been to the west coast before and he was like a little kid at Disneyland. He loved the food and the women and had a great time while he was here.

Unfortunately, I was sick for most of his visit, but I wanted to get his great accent on film. I was feeling better at the end of his visit, so we did an impromptu interview in the car on the way to the airport, which I think turned out kind of neat...

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