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Gage is a 21-year-old college student from Texas. He's been bodybuilding since he was a teenager and has managed to pack some very nice muscle on his 5'6" frame. He's done a few competitions, but I was fortunate to find him at a time when he wasn't competing so his body hair was completely natural.

So where do I begin when talking about this young stud? He's got an adorable boyish face on a hairy, muscular body. He loves to crack jokes and he's smiling all the time. He's straight and he loves the girls, but isn't currently seeing anyone.

One of the things I found most fascinating about Gage is that he's extremely conservative. He comes from a religious family and he's far right in many, many ways. But, he's very open sexually and seems curious about trying new things. So, he's a fascinating dichotomy and I'm looking forward to seeing how his experimentation progresses.

I loved the time I got to spend with Gage. He's sweet, funny, smart, and sexy... just a total package!

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