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Wayne is a 21-year-old guy who likes to party. He says he's had one experience with another guy, but it was only oral, and they were both just "experimenting." He says he prefers girls and I believe him because it was all I could do to keep him from picking up on girls the whole time he was here (so chaperone is one of my hats... I don't mind!).

Wayne kind of reminds me of Luke (when Luke had short hair). They have similar facial features and almost look like brothers. However, Wayne is quite a bit more reserved than Luke was (at least so far).

He has an interesting tattoo of a mermaid on his lower back. He said he designed it himself and got it in a rather unusual area in order to "be different."

I loved Wayne's hairy arms and legs and his nice pubic bush and treasure trail. He's also got a nice size dick!

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