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Jude is kind of an exhibitionist. We had him in the car, on our way to a park to do some shooting. He had on a pair of basketball shorts with no underwear or jock strap. I turned around and asked him to lift up the leg of his shorts so I could see his uncut cock. He immediately got hard, so we pulled off onto a side street so he could take his shorts off altogether and stroke his dick for a bit. I definitely got the feeling that being naked in public was a thrill for him.

We finally got to the park and started doing some shooting. Filming outdoors is always interesting because you get a lot of curious looks from people. Jude was completely naked except for his shorts and his penis was very visible as it swung back and forth.

He was doing some stretching when two older men (who I'm sure were gay) stopped and were watching. Jude started popping a boner so we had to wrap it up quickly as a park ranger kept walking by and we didn't want to get cited for public indecency!

Back at the studio, Jude was finally able to pull out his perma-boner and release his load...

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