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Claude & Andreas

Claude & Andreas

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We've been getting a lot of uncut guys coming through our door lately. It's funny how in the porn world things happen like that — sometimes you have one muscle guy coming in after another, or its young guys, or hairy guys, or whatever. It seems to happen in groups.

Andreas and Claude are both uncut. Andreas had just gotten his first blow job and was ready to take the next step. Claude was just ready to get fucked!

They start of by comparing each other's foreskins. Andreas definitely had the most skin and was quite happy to use his finger to show it off. I could tell that Claude was quite taken by Andreas' big cock and was eager to get started.

And speaking of Andreas' foreskin - he has so much of it that fucking with a condom proved somewhat difficult. As he fucked Claude silly, his foreskin slid back and forth and kept working the condom off!

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