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Woody is a straight guy who is very laid back. I met him in a night club where he was bartending. He had been partaking in the "inventory" (if you know what I mean) so he was a little buzzed and quite friendly.

I told him that I thought he looks like a lot like Chris Evans from "Fantastic Four". He replied that he gets that a lot. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and I asked him to lift it up so I could see how his body compared to Chris'. Lean build, hairy chest, and nice treasure trail... all there.

Lest you think Woody was just a little too flirty for a straight guy, let me tell you that I had informed him about what I do early in the conversation. Of course, he was full of questions and as the conversation drew on his interest level increased.

He wanted to know about pay and things like that and my stock answer is usually "it depends." When he asked "on what?" I took the opportunity to say, "on how big your dick is."

He smiled and told me to lean forward. The club wasn't crowded at all and he opened up his pants slightly so I could see. Hairy bush, thick cock... all there. Man, I love impromptu shit like that.

So we were both in agreement that he had to do a film.

About a week later he was in the studio. I had him get undressed and the full, naked package was really, really nice. I love hairy chests and his really fit the bill.

He didn't think that doing the shoot was going to be a big deal, but once the camera turned on he got a little shy and struggled for a bit. But part of my job is getting the guys to laugh and have fun and soon enough he was stroking away at his beautiful hard dick...

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