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Blowing Rodney

Blowing Rodney

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We had finished filming Rodney's solo video earlier that day and I was driving him to the airport. He was kind of subdued and I could see that he was absorbing the experience he had just had.

"So we'll see you again?" I asked.

"Yeah, probably," he said, then smiled nervously.

I waved to him as he collected his sole piece of luggage and headed to the gate. Man, I wanted to get him out again! Such a cute boy and flexible too.

So, I waited a few days before I called him. You don't want to seem too desperate when talking straight boys out of their pants.

"You given any thought to what we talked about?" I asked, taking the direct approach.

"What do you mean?"

"You know... getting head from another guy..."

I'll forego posting a transcript of our conversation but suffice it to say Rodney was a tough sell. He was afraid that his buddies at school would find out. But I am nothing if not persistent...

On the other side of the coin we have Cole. He's one guy who's definitely grown on me. I love his chiseled (but slightly nerdy) looks and bringing out the "gay" side of his "bisexuality" has definitely been fun!

I knew that Cole would click with Rodney. I was hoping that a nice, oily massage and blow job would ease Rodney into the world of man sex. Oh yeah, and some rimming too...

"Rodney, you ever had your ass eaten?"


"Cole, you ever eaten an ass?"

"Just a girl's." Hmm.

And away they went. Damn, Cole had his face planted into Rodney's crack so hard I couldn't tell where one guy ended and the other began. And Rodney liked it too... his dick gave him away...

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