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Harley & Terry

Harley & Terry

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Harley and Terry were lying on the bed. The cameras had not yet started rolling.

Harley had just finished telling a story about his girlfriend's pussy. The room full of gay guys preparing for the shoot hadn't really been listening <grin>. Terry was rubbing Harley's hairy leg. You could tell there was only one thing on Terry's mind.

I always like to pump the guys up before the cameras turn on. You know, get them going.

"OK Terry, you like getting fucked hard, right?" I asked.

"Yeah" he said, and continued rubbing Harley's thigh.

"You know how big his cock his, right?" I asked, pointing to Harley.

"I've seen the pictures," Terry grinned.

"Harley, you're good to fuck his ass hard?" I said. "I want to see your whole schlong disappear up there!"

Harley winked. He's really come into his own as an amateur porn star. He just needed a little coaching...

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