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Duncan is a shy 18-year-old who graduated from high school a scant three days before doing this film.

"So you excited to be out of high school?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty stoked," he replied, fidgeting with his hands.

"Did you play a lot of sports in hight school?"

"Pretty much everything you can think of to be honest," he said, then quickly amended his statement by saying football is his favorite.

He said he's straight. It was time to put him to the test.

"Do you do any kind of stretching?"

"Yeah, with girls," he said and cracked a little smile. I didn't really understand what he meant, but that's OK. Man, was he nervous.

I asked him to turn around, bend over, and touch his toes. I said it was to show his flexibility, but I wanted to see his asshole.

"Uhhhh... ok..." He was on to me.

He bent over, but put his feet together as close as he could get them and clenched his ass cheeks together tightly. He also didn't hold the pose for very long.

"Come on, you gotta hold it longer than that," I admonished him. "And spread your legs a little further apart."

Relectantly, he did it. He's got a meaty butt, and although his asshole was partially hidden, I still got a very nice view of his blond, furry asscrack.

"Good job," I praised.

"Well, I'm kind of flexible," he smiled.

OK, he's uptight about his pooper. He might just be straight after all.

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