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Roman & Cole

Roman & Cole

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"Naw, dude, I'm straight. I don't swing that way."

That was Roman's stance the first time I met him.

"It's just a blowjob," I told him. "What difference does it make if it's a guy or a girl? You'll like it, I promise."

"Well, can a girl do it?" he asked.

"You've seen the website." Enough said.

Fast forward a week a so. A half dozen or so conversations had made him feel a little more comfortable.

He was sitting on the bed, half naked, with Cole, who has become a connoisseur of dick sucking. Roman had a big grin on his face. I knew he was looking forward to this.

We started filming and something strange happened. No matter what position I put Roman in, he gradually moved himself so that Cole was eating his ass instead of sucking his cock.

Now, I'm not complaining, but I noticed it right away. First Roman's dick was in Cole's mouth, and then his balls, and then Cole's face was planted between Roman's meaty ass cheeks, licking his hairy hole.

"That dirty boy," I thought to myself. "He loves it!"

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