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Gage Gets Fucked

Gage Gets Fucked

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I've known Gage for a while now, and I've never passed up an opportunity to ask him when he's going to give up his cherry.

"You know, people would love to see a dick up that muscle butt of yours," I said to him the last time he was out.

But, he was training for a bodybuilding competition, then he was starting a new job in a hospital, and then it was some girl that wouldn't let him do it.

Sometimes taking a break in a relationship is a good thing. I told him, "Well, you have my number. If you're up for getting fucked then give me a call."

So one night a few weeks ago my phone rang. It was Gage.

"Hey, do you have a cam?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do," I said. He knows I do.

"Let me show you something."

We connected up and there he was in his bedroom with his ass up in the air. He had a small butt plug in one hand which he inserted it into his ass as he looked back at the camera, smiling.

Damn, he looked good. His fur was all grown back and he had been practicing with his hole.

So he was ready. The only requirement he had was that he didn't want his first time to be with some guy who had a giant cock.

My first thought was Danny. He's hung perfectly for breaking in a new bottom and he's so sweet he can make anyone feel comfortable.

Finally, they met. I had them hang out for a while the night before their shoot. The next morning I asked them how they got along.

"I know he likes Mustangs, so he's a good guy. That's my type I guess," Danny said.

Gage laughed.

"That's kind of weird coming from a straight guy," he said.

"We're both basically straight," Danny said.

"Yeah, we're both basically bitches," Gage added.

They began to kiss awkwardly as they got undressed. Gage took Danny's cock pretty easily. I guess all that practice at home paid off...

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