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Life is not fair.

Why is it that some guys have a perfect face, flawless skin, beautiful teeth, and a chiseled body?

That pretty much sums up Billy — a winner in the genetic lottery.

"Wow, you must spend a ton of time in the gym," I commented as he got undressed.

"I go occasionally," he replied.


"Yeah, I try to. I'm kind of lazy... not real motivated..."

Grrrr. Oh well, he's young.

He's 22 to be exact, gay, and out of the closet for about a year now.

"How does your family feel about your being gay?" I asked.

"They're Southern, real religious. They wouldn't be happy."

I guess that means they don't know.

"So are you a top or a bottom?" I asked.

"Mostly a bottom. I like to get fucked..."

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