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Stas (short for Stanislav) is from Russia. He's been in the United States for about 2 months now.

"What brings you to the U.S.?" I asked him.

"School. I am here on Visa." His English was broken, but actually pretty good.

Apparently, though, school is not his reason for wanting to come to this country. He also wants to become a porn star. A heterosexual porn star.

Now I knew five minutes after meeting him that it's not in his cards. He's way too timid and boyishly cute to make it in straight porn. The girls who do porn for the big studios would eat him for lunch.

"You know, you'd do much better in gay porn. You'd make more money too," I said. I wanted to be honest with him.

"You mean have sex with males?" he asked with his adorable accent.


"Oh, no. I could never do that," he replied.

Shame. The guy's got a smoking hot body.

"Why didn't you do films in Russia?" I asked.

"That work is hard to get," he replied.

"Are you finding it different here?" I asked.

"I'm just started," he said.

For a beginner, he was great. I love his lightly hairy, muscular body and full, blond bush!

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