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Desert Retreat: Clark & Terry

Desert Retreat: Clark & Terry

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We get a lot of fan mail here at the website. Suggestions, comments, complaints, letters from guys coming out of the closet... you name it, we receive it. I personally read every e-mail that comes in and I love every bit of it!

A while back I received an e-mail from a fan that went something like this:

"Hi there. I love your website. I'm not interested in being a model (I'm a little over your age range) but I have a nice house with a private pool and I'd love to have you and your boys do a film here."

He had attached some photos of his house and it looked nice. It was located in the southwestern desert and it was very private. Perfect for fucking!

To make a long story short, we checked it out and it was perfect. And the owner of the home was really nice and very accommodating - and a hot muscle daddy too!

So we brought some of our boys out and they had an incredible time!

First up... Clark and Terry.

It was Clark's first time to fuck ass and our hot swimmer boy was a little nervous. Terry was charming as usual!

It was late afternoon and the light had a warm reddish color. The sky was cloudy and the smell of desert rain was in the air.

Watching these two lean, muscled young studs suck and fuck in and around the pool was a nice change of pace for me. And our host had the time of his life helping out...

I have to say I was impressed with Clark. For a first timer, the guy knows how to fuck!

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