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Broden is 20 years old, a college student studying criminal justice, and a baseball player.

"Chicks dig baseball players," he told me.

Straight guys. It always has to have something to do with chicks.

"What's your favorite position?" I asked him.

"Pitching," he replied.

"So you're a pitcher, huh?" I said in a teasing way.


Well that one went right over his head. I shouldn't have expected a straight guy to get it anyway.

Now the very first thing that struck me about Broden was his body hair. He's pretty smooth up top, just a light dusting of hair on his perfectly toned chest. However, his legs are very hairy and his pubic hair is completely wild.

"That's a pretty big bush you got there," I teased him. "Your legs are pretty hairy too."

"Yeah, I kind of like having the hair. It keeps me warm."

Finally. A guy who is comfortable with his hirsuteness. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "the girls don't like it"... well, that's another story.

"Yeah I'll be glad to see the manscaping craze end," I said. "So the girls don't mind?"


He doesn't have a girlfriend, but wants to get married someday.

That will be one lucky girl. I wouldn't mind waking up every morning next to his muscular hairiness!

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