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Dylan & Daniel

Dylan & Daniel

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I think just about everyone in the world knows by now that I have the major hots for Dylan (including Dylan himself). I could be happy watching that boy read the phone book. He's been working out hard at the gym and it's really showing.

Daniel is a massage therapist I met a while back. I thought about calling this film "Using Dylan" because I wanted Daniel to give Dylan a nice massage, tie him down, and then use him like a hot muscular sex toy. But, I thought I would take the more tasteful route instead...

I am really jealous of Daniel because he gets to massage Dylan all over, give him a nice blow job, and then ride his beautiful young cock. This movie features a close up of Dylan's orgasm and you really get to see the cum oozing out of his dick.

After we did this movie, Dylan stayed and we talked for about 3 hours about his school (he's a straight "A" student), what he's studying (psychology), and how he gets girls (he should write a book). Not only does this guy have the body of a Greek god, he's also very bright. He's going to make some girl very happy someday.

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