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Billy & Clark

Billy & Clark

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Billy and Clark had met for the first time. Clark was being very nonchalant, but I could tell he was checking Billy out. Billy was being shy, as usual. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "I love my girlfriend".

"Billy," I said, "You're really hot. Why are you so shy?"

I just had to ask. Fuck, if I looked like him all bets would be off!

"I dunno," he said quietly. "I just like to hang out."

Clark laughed. I got the feeling that he was looking forward to this.

I pulled out a clear glass dildo.

"We're going to use this on you first," I told Billy. They both acted like they'd never seen one before.

Clark gave Billy his space at first. But once the dildo went in they were all over each other...

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