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Hugo & Danny Flip Flop

Hugo & Danny Flip Flop

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Hugo has a very reserved demeanor. He's soft spoken and likes to talk about his girlfriend a lot.

That's why I never thought he'd do anything more than a solo video. So I was very surprised when he called me two days after doing that first video.

"Hey, I was wondering if you had any more stuff I could do," he said softly.

"Are you open to fucking another guy?" I asked.


God, I wish they were all that easy!

Danny has become an aggressive little fuck monster. I get a big kick out of seeing him have sex. He always has so much fun with it.

So here was the deal: Hugo was going to fuck Danny.

They got together and Hugo was real stiff. Not surprising, really. Even the charms of Danny couldn't get our hairy Austrian muscle boy to relax.

So it turns out that Hugo's fucking style is, well, a little reserved.

But Danny was horned up and wanted it hard. So the decision was made to reverse roles and let Danny fuck Hugo.

Oh... my... god... Danny, the hot little muscle boy, popped Hugo's cherry, and good.

I always love it when a smaller guy fucks a bigger guy. Danny may be small, but he's strong, and he pounded Hugo's ass hard.

Hugo's asshole was spread out nicely and Danny's cock was plunging in!

It was quite an afternoon. Thanks to Danny, Hugo went from quiet to moaning in no time flat!

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