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Phil is 24 years old and straight. He went into the Marines right out of high school, and after his stint was over he started college.

He's got a long scar right down the middle of his six pack.

"What happened there?" I asked.

"I had my spleen removed," he replied.

"That's kind of a big scar for a spleen removal."

"Yeah, it was at a military hospital. The girls like it though," he said with a smile.

Phil also has a nice, big, uncut dick. I asked him about his foreskin.

"It was my dad's choice," he said. "He doesn't believe in circumcision."

"So what do you do besides college?" I asked.

"I'm a fighter," he replied.

"What kind?"

"Mixed martial arts," he said.

His take on why he fights was pretty interesting.

"I like to dominate other guys, for sure," he said.

His favorite fighting position is the "full mount." He's on top, the other guy is on the bottom.

"He's going to get dominated," he said. "Every time."

Phil doesn't have steady girlfriend. He wants to play the scene for a while.

"I like to blow my load down a chick's throat," he said. "It's my favorite thing."

So, somehow, we convinced him to taste his own cum. He didn't like it!

"Are you going to think twice about making a girl do it?"

"No way!" he said. "It's too much fun!"

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