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Danny & Cole

Danny & Cole

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"She found out."

That's the call I got from Cole a few days after he'd been fucked silly by Danny.

Cole really liked being with Danny. He was absolutely infatuated with Danny's muscles and perfect face.

I think Cole was really enjoying exploring that side of himself.

"Is everything OK?" I asked.

"Yeah, she knew I was bisexual when we met," he said. "She's not happy. But we'll work things out."

I try not to get too far into things when wives or girlfriends are involved. We're all adults and we make our own decisions.

"Man, I loved getting fucked by Danny," he added. "I could get used to that. Everyday."

It was obvious that Cole wasn't going to be able to do any more films. But by the way Cole went down on Danny's cock and ass, and by the look on his face when Danny was deep inside him, I knew that Cole wasn't done with man sex. Not by a long shot.

Guys like Danny are addicting...

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