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Harris is a 19-year-old college sophomore. He's studying criminal justice and wants to be a police officer.

He's on the college football team with a full athletic scholarship.

"What position do you play?" I asked.

"I'm a wide receiver," he replied.

"Were you a big jock in high school?"

"Yeah, I played football, baseball, and basketball."

Now, the first thing you notice about Harris when he's naked is his balls. They're big. Like Grade A Extra Large eggs from the supermarket!

"Do you get a lot of comments on your nuts?" I asked.

"Yeah, the girls like them."

"Do you get a lot of stares in the locker room?" I asked, teasing him.


He's also got a nice big vein running down the top of his cock.

"It's always been like that," he said, caressing the vein lightly.

I love nuts and I can't resist it when a guy with a nice set comes in. So, after he blew his first load we had him do some "puppetry" with his junk. He did the "hamburger" and the "brain".

"Damn, your nuts are big," I said again.

"They get even bigger if I don't nut in a while," he replied...

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